Night Magics

DIY supports

Supplies Required-!

  1. all purpose heavy duty duct tape for both pieces and make them up individually as you gduck tape/ I use double-sided so that I can make up several and peel off their back when I am ready to use it… and then I use a decorative duct tape on the front side just because I like the way it looks… but you can absolutely use just regular…
  2. 2. alcohol/ paper-towel- to clean the ear
  3. 3. Large zip ties
  4. 4. Perma type surgical cement ****┬áSuper important***** that it is THIS BRAND, this is specifically made to go in direct contact with the skin and stay there… without irritation…. this is the only type I have ever use so the only type I can support…


  1. Measure length of ear… (for this brace I am doing 2 zip ties because she is early in her stance process and needs stronger support…. notice one goes down further than the other… this is to provide that extra support with lower set or newly cropped ears* high set ears or later in the stance process… ears may not need this extra support and you can get away with just one zip tie… in the middle.. I’ll post that once I need to make that style…)

2. apply glue to backside of braces wait 5 min…. during this time move on to step three

3. clean ears well

4. apply glue to ears… wait 5 min

5. press brace onto ear

6. flex tape to mimic natural fold of ear