Managing Deposits

1.) Fill out our screening form to be able to place a deposit and be placed on our deposits waiting list.

2.) Once a girl is Confirmed Prego, we will contact ALL people on our early deposits waiting listΒ 

3.) Everyone on our waiting list will have 1 week to let us know if they would like to COMMIT their deposit to the list for the female confirmed pregnant.

4.) After that week, there will be a waiting list for that girl, the deposits will be in order by the date they were received …



5.) Once the litter arrives I will send out an up-date to the people on the waiting list for that litter, letting you know how many puppies are born and how many of each sex and color are born….

6.) At this point if you would like one of the puppies born you will COMMIT your deposit to a puppy from that litter, If you do not like any of the puppies born you will be placed back on the early deposits waiting list, to be notified about future confirmed litters


7.) after this the litter will be opened up to people not on our early deposits waiting list

***First Pick Male and Female are reserved for Me the Breeder for my breeding program future, this includes other approved breeders, if a 1st pick pup will not be used in our breeding program, or another breeders program then it will be available at FULL pet price to a pet home (no early deposit price on the breeders pick of the litter) ***

If you would like the ‘pick of the litter’ option, if one is available to a pet home just let me know and I will put that with your name on our deposits list *remember that pick of the litter puppies will be priced at after birth prices and will not be available at any reduced price, 

the selection process will happen between 4-6 weeks old for same color or sex puppies… if only one color or sex pup is born it can be committed to sooner πŸ™‚ 

You are responsible for making sure you are on my lists, *** I WILL SEND CONFORMATION AFTER RECEIVING ANY MONEY OR CONFIRMING PLACEMENT ON A RESERVATION LIST *** So always make sure you get this conformation email from me after sending deposit, or being placed on a list, or I may not have gotten your message. 

if you want to be placed on a reservation list, after confirmed pregnancy, but missed the one week window, you may still be added but it will be to the bottom of the list… ***I WILL KEEP MY WEB-PAGE UP-TOO-DATE WITH CONFIRMED BREEDINGS, PREGNANCIES AND LITTERS*** so if you don’t get an up-date please email me ASAP 


How The Puppies are Matched With Their New Families

We have been breeding for temperament for many years now, so our lines have great personalities, with many of our pups going on to be therapy dogs πŸ™‚ … but when possible we still like to fine tune the placement process…we do understand that now that we are dealing with litters that will have many different colors, patterns as well as sexes this is not always possible… like it is in all one color litters.. but when it is this is how we do it and what we are looking for :):) … in litters of many colors and patterns look at the temperament of the parents and you will get a combo of them in your new addition…. so if you don’t like one of the parents traits you may want to pass on that litter…. We try to breed for moderate to lower energy, attached, but still independent, confidant, but submissive, playful, responsive pups with nice open eyes, great conformation and top lines, scissor bites, good to great height and expressive heads, as we like both tighter skin and looser skin … but either way we like lots of expression πŸ™‚ and ALL parents are health tested for hips, eyes, thyroid and heart πŸ™‚ 

The Different Types of Puppies 


Well first, in understanding how to best place a puppy, you must first realize that every puppy is born with it’s own personal temperament, energy level, and personality. As all dogs are pack animals and in the pack there is a social standing among all the members, and as the pups grow they fit in to there place in the pack biased off there natural tendencies;

#1 type pup… You have born leaders that are confidant, and outgoing and of medium to med/high energy and need to be placed in a home with an equally confidant and strong human otherwise this pup may think that it is the pack leader and will walk all over you, also these pups are the best for the show ring as they love being at the top, my natural leaders are Niah and Riddick. 

#2 type pup…Then you have lower energy pups who are also outgoing and confidant but do not have the drive to be leader so they generally fit in as second in command, these pups are great for just about any family as they have good confidence, but not the energy to be the top, my second in commands are Jake (retired), Jayda (retired), Sterling, Graycie, and Prada. 

#3 type pup…Then you have your basic pack members that may have slightly less confidence or many be a bit shy and/or have a little lower energy or a little higher energy. These pups in a natural pack just hang out and support the 1st and 2nd in command, and are very good pups for anyone but a truly novice Dog owner and with plenty of good socialization will overcome any lack of confidence that they may have been born with, and will make a superb family pet, my pack members are Zoe (she was on the shy/timid side as a pup but is quite confidant with the packs support(retired),and Xander, Zelda, and Sheba they are just of a very low energy and really could care less, so long as they are petted and fed πŸ™‚ 

#4 type pup…and then you have your bottom pack members who have more problems with shyness or very high energy, these pups are also very willing to please but need a more experienced owner who can provide good support and lots and lots of socialization, and exercise if needed. As with all the puppy types with the proper owner these pups will also make outstanding family dogs, as there are no bad dogs just incorrect owners for those dogs, my bottom dog is Gypsy (retired), bless her heart, as she is of very high energy and tends to irritate the others, but she is also my most affectionate and an excellent running partner!

About Placement

How my placement program works… 

At birth, once we know how many puppies are born and of what sex and color each are, I will send out emails to all the people who have deposits with that litter, in the order that the deposit were received, confirming that you would like a puppy from this litter.

The actual selection process begins at 3 weeks of age and goes up to 6 weeks and 8 weeks in some special cases….once the puppies personalities, looks, and energy levels have begun to come in…..

once these have been determined I will send out information on each puppy about its personality, domanace level and energy traits, and I will often offer my advice on which puppy is best suited to your home, or if one is not suited for your home and why… 

Then you will be able to pick your puppy in the order of you received deposit…

Male vs Female

I have many people ask me about this as well…Most typically people want a male for his looks and as a status symbol or a protector and a female for homes with families and small children…and the opposite sex to the dog they already have…Well, what is myth and what is fact… What is the real difference in temperaments of a male dog vs a female dog…

Well, first you have to ask if it is a breeding dog or a pet? As there are differences in temperaments of breeding dogs, and you do have to be carful of personalities of the same sex clashing… and while both sexes make excellent guard dogs I would say that an intact female would actually do a better job of defending her territory than an intact male… as the male is more worried about 4 legged intruders… and a female is very good with children and during her heats may even try to mother them but a male will see any children as his family members and will defend them as well, but may be a little less concerned…he has better things on his mind…but in the fixed pet, none of this poses a problem, as they do not have those extra hormones racing through their body, and because of that fact their temperament is more calm, easygoing, and loveable…for both males and females 

So what does this mean…it means that all of their actions will be driven by their true personality and not their hormones…So both males and female will be equally concerned about his/her new family mates and want nothing more than to please them, you do not have to worry about an aggressive, wondering male, or a hormonal, snippy female or your girls or guys trying to stay one up on the others for breeding rites (so they think:)


There is something to getting a female if you already have a male… however it may not be quite what you would expect…If you already have a dog then the opposite sex is always a good choice, if you were to just close your eyes and pick one, they do have a natural tendency to get along better but this is still not the ideal way to pick a puppy. Because, a puppy picked out for its temperament first and its ability to get along with the rest of the pack regardless of sex is always best, as two females or two males of the correct energy level and temperament will be better friends than a male and female of conflicting personalities or energies, even if they do get along some what, it may still not be the ideal pairing…but sometimes it is, and in all cases the individual temperament of your current dog/s is very important as you do not want a low energy pup if your dog is hyper or a hyper pup if your dog is mellow…you also want to stay away form two alpha dogs together (leaders), as they can cause problems that only the experienced dog person should have to deal with.

Male vs Female on Looks Alone

Yes, many males do have a more masculine look and they do tend to get slightly taller and heavier then their female counterparts…in American Danes this is most noticeable…in European Danes it can be quite less noticeable as their females are quite thick and most of the time look more masculine than that of a Male American Dane…and in American/European crosses both sexes can almost look identical…some females in the litter will be lighter but so will some of the males and you can end up with a female who outgrows her male counterpart in height, weight and even looks! In this cases it is best to look at previous litters to be able to tell what types of puppies will be produced…Jake and Gypsy produce about 80% of their pups that have the same adult look regardless of its sex. As Gypsy is a European female and Jake is an American male my males and females from this cross generally look like a tall, muscular, and truly stunning example of the American Male Great Dane. As for height it is the same, I have both males and females reaching 36″+ and males and females who will only reach 35″, they both have muscular bodies and wide chests with a chiseled head…this is the perfect cross for my girls as I LOVE their look, and size and keep all of my up-and-coming females from Jake and Gyspy. The other 20% of their litter is heavier and has the look of a European pup with lots of extra skin. Niah and Xander will produce heavier puppies as well, and her females should look more masculine than that of an American male with more skin and the males should be even heaver with even more skin…but as this is not a proven breeding yet, I do not know. It is, however, genetics so this is what I am expecting, but to the exact degree of European/American qualities, I will just have to wait and see. So in conclusion when deciding on the sex of your new puppy, please consider wanting a puppy for its temperament and ability to fit into your home first, and decide on the sex second.