Spot-light Pup

Here we showcase the remarkable training achievements of our furry friends and where we will celebrate the skills that make these puppies shine. Unique abilities will be highlighted to showcase the endless learning potential of every pup. Join us as we inspire, educate, and entertain, all the while promoting the welfare of our four-legged companions. Together we will discover the extraordinary talents and unwavering determination of these remarkable pups.


we have a stunning blue girl *in our video and and our big strong blue fawn boy *pictures .. both in extended training now.. our blue girl has a few weeks already under her belt, and the lilac fawn boy is just now getting started… right now prices are still at 2500 for each.. but as they finish each of their training classes, their prices will go up.. they are already finished with all of their shot sets ❤️ And have been using a potty door consistently for months now❤️

if you’re interested in one of them being a part of your family, just let us know


Starting her outside mark and leash training ❤️❤️

DOB -June 9th

Ask Us💕 about her personality profile if interested in learning more about her