Welcome to the home of Night Magic Danes.

Where we have been raising the bar for Great Dane Breeders for over 20 years.

We breed amazing European imports in many beautiful colors, 

Specializing in solid colors as well as Harlequins, Merles, mantel and Pie 

in beautiful shades of Blues~ 

~Solid Blue, Blue Fawn, blue chocolate *lilac, and Blue & Black Tan Points ! 

We do also occasionally have black harlequin litters as well 🙂 

We are located in the deep south of southern Georgia, close to the beautiful gulf coast, 

and place all of our emphasis on excellence.

From the care given to our pups and adults…

To our puppy placement system & our new *Life-Time*

8 Year Health Guarantee

Night Magic Danes remains the trend setter for breeders world wide

With the use of Only the Best European Lines and just the right touch of

American influence, for genetic diversity,

We are the origianal producer of the Amazing

image of a truly Great,


Great Danes

“He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Known as the Apollo of Dogs, the Great Dane is not from Denmark as his name suggests, but is actually the National dog of Germany where they are known as the Deutsche Dogge. Since the Middle Ages, the Great Dane has been used to hunt boar and other big game. He has also been used as a war dog and to patrol large estates where his size, along with his regal profile and aristocratic demeanor would be sure to intimidate even the bravest intruders. Buffalo Bill Cody owned a Great Dane. 

The Great Dane is a giant breed, standing 30 inches or more at the shoulder. He has a short, smooth coat in fawn, black, blue, brindle, white with black patches (harlequin), or black with white trim (Boston). In North America, the ears are typically cropped erect while in Europe they are left in their natural fold. Grooming requirements are minimal. 

Strong, elegant, and well-muscled, this is nevertheless an affectionate, loyal, and gentle breed. He prefers to live with people and is not really happy living in a kennel. The Great Dane is lively and alert, yet patient with children. However, due to his great size, he should always be supervised with children. 

This dog needs room – indoor and out! Since he is happiest as a house dog, he should live in a larger home, and he must have a fenced yard. He is fine in the city or the country but he must have plenty of exercise, including at the very least a long daily walk. The Great Dane is highly intelligent and trainable. As he is a sensitive breed, harsh training methods are inappropriate.

illustrious devotion

“He is your friend, your partner, your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”

Outstanding dedication, fantastic personalities

Why Choose a Night Magic Dane Puppy?

Below is a list of some of the top benefits to purchasing a puppy from us here at Night Magic Danes. 

1.) Love…. All Night Magic Danes’ puppies and adults, First and Foremost, are beloved family members, who are exclusively inside companions. 

2.) Responsibility….NO Night Magic Dane puppy will ever be sold to a family who would intend to keep it outside, or who would ever treat it as anything but a beloved family child.

3.) Training…. A Night Magic Dane puppy not only will be raised inside, it will also be started in puppy classes. Puppies begin to learn very early in life, and s a breeder I can get a jump start on the learning curve with my puppies, by starting, and being consistent with simple commands and actions, from birth on. Puppies will understand No, Come, Their name (which you will provide), Go potty, Inside and Outside. They will also be beginning to understand Sit, Lie down, and Shake hands by 8 weeks of age. 

4.) Socialization…. A Night Magic Dane puppy will be socialized around cats, other dogs, children, horses and people. My puppies will have their first 2-3 baths and toe nail clippings, always practicing calm discipline, as all of these first experiences need to be fun for the puppy, so that it will be prepared for its new parents and know how to act. 

5.) Potty Training…. A Night Magic Dane puppy will have all the basics for potty training, and while puppies do not have full control over their pee and poo process, they do know when they have to go; they just cannot hold it for very long. All of my puppies will know to go outside by 8 weeks of age; if the door is left open I will have no accidents on the floor, as soon as the puppy has to go it will run as fast as it can out the door, sometimes just barely making it to the yard, and then look back as if to say…. I did it, aren’t you proud of me!

6.) Omega 3 Fatty Acids…. I feed my adults and puppies, starting at birth, Omega 3 fatty acids which helps with eye sight devolvement and brain functions. Since I have started my Omega 3 program I have noticed marked improvement in the trainability, and attention span of my pups, and have had several pups go on to become therapy dogs. 

7.) Health Guarantee…. All of my pups come with a Standard 2 year health guarantee.

8.) Extended Health Guarantee…. I also offer an Optional 5 Year Extended Health Guarantee, if you continue with the omega 3 fatty acids, and an Optional *Life-Time 8 Year Extended Health Guarantee if you continue with the omega 3, as well as a joint supplement. You must sign up for automatic shipments to qualify for this offer.

9.) Daily Updates…. I post daily social media updates on my puppies, letting you know what I am doing that week with them, where they are at in training, and how they are progressing, and well as offering tips and advice on how to handle certain problems that may arise for their age group. 

10.) Picture Updates…. I update my puppy pictures with many new beautiful individual and/or group pictures daily, so that you and your family may watch your puppies development from little 1lb newborn to a whopping 18-30lb bouncing 8 week old. I also keep my past puppy pictures up to date, as I keep in contact with all of my past puppy owners and am ALWAYS available for advice. 

11.) Proven Stock…. I keep all of my past puppy pictures as up-to-date as possible, and you can easily see, at any stage in devolvement, what a Night Magic Danes puppy and adult will look like. 

12.) Puppy Placement…. I offer specialized placement for my puppies. Each puppy has an individual personality, energy level, and look and not just any puppy will fit just any home. So biased off the answers provided on the puppy buyers screening form, I will place the best puppy for you in your home so that every puppy and puppy owner has the best match possible.

13.) Testimonials…. I provide typical past puppy owner comments on my puppies page. They range in testimony from beauty, size, temperament, personality to just plain funny stories.

14.) Part of the Family…. Once you are a puppy owner of a Night Magic Dane puppy you are family, and I will keep up with you and your puppy offering periodical updates about common problems that occur during certain stages of development and how to handle them as well as always being available via phone or e-mail for any question or concerns that you may have, for the life of your puppy…. my philosophy is no question is to dumb except the unasked one. 

15.) Competitive Pricing…. I encourage early deposits so that A) I am confidant that my precious babies are brought into this world with a wonderful family awaiting their arrival, the way a baby should come into this world! B) so that responsible puppy owners are rewarded for all of their foresight and planning in anticipating and preparing for their new arrival:) this allows my price to be to weed out most of the people who just want a big yard ornament or who are impulsive puppy buyers, but still allow me to be very picky about where my puppies go, and to whom they go home with. As while this is my business, my puppies and dogs are first and foremost my babies! 

16.) And last but not least….. In….Pedigree/Beauty/Temperament/Health/& Size…. Night Magic Danes does not compromise! 

Because when it comes to trying to decide on a puppy and a breeder, sight unseen, we understand how it can seem very unfamiliar, scary even. There are so many to choose form, how do you begin to make a decision. Well first you must Love the look of the dogs, because your puppy will look like some version of one or both of it’s parents, you won’t get a silk purse from a cow’s ear. Second you must like the breeder, do they answer all of your questions, do they make you feel comfortable, do they have morals, are they in it for the love of the breed, is it just a hobby, or are they just trying to make as much money with as little hassle as possible in their life? And finally you must approve of the conditions that the dogs and puppies are being kept and raised in, are they well fed, loved, cared for… Because you would never want to support such a business, and when you purchase a puppy you are supporting that breeder, and their goals and standards. 

Here at Night Magic Danes… the dogs rule… nothing is too much, no effort too hard, no night too long… My dogs are my life and my puppies are my pride and joy and placing them in permanent life-long homes where they are truly loved and appreciated, as I love and appreciate mine, brings more happiness into my life than I ever imagined possible. To hear from my puppy owners and how my puppies are doing brings me nothing but joy, and if one of my puppies falls sick then I grieve and pray just as its new family does, and rejoice once they’re better, no matter the age of the puppy or how long it has been, they will always be my puppy, a life that I am ultimately responsible for, as I do take full responsibility for bringing its life into this world, and this I do-not take lightly.

Puppy’s well being

Our number 1 priority

“Our amazing night magic babies came home last night. We can’t begin to thank you for the wonderful start you’ve given these “little” ones.”

Great Dane Puppies

Great Dane Puppies

Beautifully Unique Babies

“We are headed home!!”

The perfect puppy

just for you